That is the keyword I Googled for solution and no luck.

I’m too old to learn new source control mechanism like Git so I stuck on SVN with XCode.

It works perfect usually but sometimes it show “xxx is not under version control”.

For me, the reason is some special character in file name , in my case , the @ character.

I googled and tried to fixed this issue but no luck.

And today, finally, I solved this issue with one single step, simple and straight.

Open “Terminal” application, go to the project folder and keyin this

svn commit -m “Happy SVN”

And you’ll see all the files (including file name with @ character) are committed successfully.

I don’t know why the commit won’t succeed in XCode, but I’m happy that it works in command line mode.


Update on 2016/03/02:

Sometimes you have to make those @xx.png files the Add status (with A in the right) in Xcode first before you do the command-line svn commit.

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