Today we submit Dated Camera Pro (D-Camera Pro) 2.2 to the app store for review.

There’s two features added in this version :
1.Camera selection (Front / Rear)
2.Flash mode selection (Auto / On / Off)

There are some users that complain about this app doesn’t work as it claimed.
Most of them did not set the parameters in the “Setting”-“D-Camera Pro”.

We’ve noticed the users in the beginning when the app is loaded,
but it doesn’t catch enough attention obviously.

Maybe it is better to do all the configuration in the app instead of in the “Setting” menu, I guessed.

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13 thoughts on “Submit Dated Camera Pro 2.2”
  1. Regarding Dated Camera – It works great on my iPhone, but on my iPad i can’t find the pictures. I take the pictures through Dated Camera, but they do not appear in “Photos”

    Can you help



  2. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for purchasing Dated Camera Pro 2.2.
    This app was designed for iPhone natively and it was not tested in iPad, sorry for inconvenience.


  3. Hi Tumaz,

    Thanks for purchasing Dated Camear Pro 2.2.

    No it didn’t. It didn’t support landscape mode.


  4. I have an iPhone 4S and my pics are not going to photo stream. They are not showing up since dec 10th when updated to ios7

  5. Thanks for your feedback and I’m sorry for inconvenience it caused. I’ll check what the problem is. Happy new year 2014.

  6. iPhone 4 can not take landscape picture. When turned sideways screen does not rotate.

  7. Really appreciate for your feedback.
    The bug was fixed and the updated app was submitted to the appstore now.
    Please kindly be patient for the update.

    Thanks again for your purchasing. Have a nice day !

  8. Hi, I’m glad to inform you that Dated Camera Pro 2.4 was available in Appstore now. The bug you reported was fixed in this version. Thanks again for your purchasing. Happy photoing !!

  9. Hi, I like your dated camera app. I’m looking for an app for use by enforcement inspectors, where the app will imprint not only the date and time, but also the picture file number, both on the picture, and then allow viewing of that photo (much like you can do with regular digital cameras). The whole idea is that you are in the middle of an inspection, you’ve got a note pad and camera, and to do a good inspection and make sense of things later, you write down what certain pictures pertain to. Well, how can you do that when you can’t readily get that image number off the iOS? It’d be preferable that you have all those features in one app, rather than switch back and forth between multiple apps. Is a feature that imprints the file name on the image something you could incorporate? I’ve found no iOS app that imprints pitcture-file name.

  10. I just left the previous comment, and discovered you make the excellent app “photo name”, which to some degree addresses my needs, but again, I’m looking for an app that does what both your programs do, AND imprints the file name (and date and time) on the picture image.

  11. Thanks for your comments.
    We’ll try to add this feature to this app.

    Yet there are some uncertain issues to be checked.
    For example, the iOS assign “image file name” to each image when the images were saved in the albums.
    We don’t know the “image file name” after we took the picture “before” the image was saved in the album.
    It means that it could be impossible to imprint the “image file name” on the photo we just took.

    Anyway, really thanks for your purchasing and feedback, we’ll try to add this feature.

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