After studied iOS/Facebook integration technical specification, we have implemented the “share via facebook” facility in the Dated Camera app.

Hopefully that you can share with your friends if you like this app.

– Happy iOS developer.

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3 thoughts on “Submit Dated Camera 1.6”
  1. I have been using this app for some time on my iPhone 4. I really like it but, I do NOT like the recent update 1.6 because the “Share App With Friends” button is TOO big”. So, I bought D-Camera Pro and I don’t like it. Yes I like NO ADS but, 1.) Tap the Screen 2.) No Save or retake choice 3.) No Flash choice 4.) No Settings choice … ???
    That was a waste of a dollar!
    So, will you fix please.

  2. Really thanks for your comments.

    We’ll check the D-Camera Pro about the issues you mentioned
    and update the app as soon as possible.

    Regarding about 2.)No Save or retake choice.
    There’re some complains about being interrupted taking photos, that’s why we change the “Save or retake” way.

  3. We’ve added the flash configuration to the app and already submitted to the appstore for review. Hopefully it will be available soon.

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