I’ve been bothered by this issue for a long time.

And finally I’d decide to find the best practice today to do this job.

Here are the steps:

Step 1.

Create SVN repository, for example, http://svn.domain.com/myrepo

Step 2.

Create XCode project, Assume the project path is Documents/iosprojects/milkshaker

Step 3.

Open OS X app Terminal  which is command line mode.

Step 4.

In terminal, cd to the parent directory of your project directory (Documents/iosprojects in this example)

cd /Users/yourname/Documents/iosprojects

Step 5.

The most import step, svn import (NOT ADD) as following command

svn import -m “New Import milkshaker/ http://svn.domain.com/myrepo

The syntax is

svn import -m “<remark message> <project directory>/ <SVN URL>

Key in the userid and password and you’re good to go.

Step 6.

After step 5 was done.

Open XCode app, try Source control->Check out

Key in the SVN URL, userid and password to checkout the project to local directory.


That would be all I want to share, happy SVNing !!

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