After google for several free video editing software for mac os. I decided to download and install kdenlive. It never comes to my mind that it would be a disaster for me.

Here are some problems I came across:


I don’t understand why there is not pre-compiled version of kdenlive and everyone who try to install it must have to build by themself.

After build for hours, the first error happened and the build process stopped.


1.Java not found

It’s my fault. So I installed the java environment (javadeveloper_10.6_10m3261.dmg) from Apple Developer Connection website. And then I continue the build process.

2.Atlas build failed

After another few hours, the process stopped again with this error message : atlas build failed. I googled and try to do the following action and it worked. So I continued the build process.

sudo port clean –all atlas

3.kdenlive build failed

After another few hours. The error message showed that : qt qmake not found. So I googled again and do the following action and it worked. And I continued the install process and finally finished successfully.

There are a lot of portfiles. Find the portfile in kdenlive directory.

There is a line PortGroup kde4 1.0

Modify the line to PortGroup kde4 1.1


open -a kdeinit4 lead to “file not found” errror.

I did it again and it worked. I didn’t know why.


1.I misuderstood the meaning of the following description in the installation document. And it cost me another few hours to install.Just remember that DO NOT DO THE FOLLOWING ACTIONS.

If you want to reclaim disk space:
% sudo port clean --all all
After all these, I still have to thank for the great team for this great software contribution.

P.S. After I tried hard to learn to use kdenlive, because it just crash every time I add a video clip, I finally decided to give up. Now I turn to iMovie, the simplest and maybe easiest way to get my work done.

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